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Apex Drilling Expands

Apex Drilling Expands Fleet

Apex Drilling have recently purchased 2 Fraste drilling rigs together with a Compair fast tow compressor to compliment its modern drilling fleet.


Apex Drilling Achieves PICS Accreditation

Apex Drilling Achieves PICS Accreditation

Due to specific requirements of valued clients Apex Drilling are now PICS accreditated.


With immediate access to the M4, Apex Testing Solutions (ATS) is the premier UKAS accredited material and geotechnical test centre in South Wales offering both on site and laboratory packages with precision.

The fully integrated service run by experienced professionals with the requisite depth and breadth of testing knowledge provides a quick turnaround of construction critical results allowing our clients to continue their development in the knowledge that materials are compliant and quality is safeguarded.

The ATS team have a history of delivering real time solutions to major earthwork, highway, airport, concrete and brownfield development sites. Noting this the team are equally able to apply their knowledge to earthwork construction projects employing conventional engineered materials or sources as they are to assessing the requirements and capacities of re-engineered materials, helping to deliver cost effective solutions during any stage of a construction programme.

At ATS the clients need come first and it is both quality and turnaround time are equilateral to cost. To enhance the performance an approved supply chain is utilised where required thus allowing the delivery of a scope of testing in excess of current in-house capabilities, meeting specifications to predefined deadlines.

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